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Our bespoke approach and low overhead business model ensures flexibility for our clients. You can use our skills and competences fully, partially or just as an extra pair of hands for your own team. We provide full or part market research services and we work as ACROSS or under your own banner. We work with end clients, other market research companies, agencies or individuals looking to commence or expand their operations in the Latin American markets.
ACROSS is the trade name of Iris Griffiths, who has been working in the combined fields of market research, language and intercultural communication for over 25 years. With experience of working for a broad range of organisations in several countries, we can apply our expertise to a variety of businesses.
We believe in going beyond what is asked of us and giving our clients a genuinely holistic insight into the market. This can only be achieved because our relationship with our network is based on a shared commitment to deliver quality and exceptional value to our clients.
Local Knowledge
At ACROSS we believe in and advocate the power of local knowledge, being local and knowing the locals. ACROSS is run by a Latin American Brazilian native and the professionals we work with are all nationals of the countries we work in. We are well organised and resourceful and understand the underlying psyche of those you want to reach.
At ACROSS, we are passionate about Latin American people and their behaviour. We recognise that our professional success comes from our passion: the excitement of talking to Latin Americans wherever they are and hearing about what they really think and want.
We don’t follow the crowd, just because that is what the industry prescribes. We believe in delivering the results that clients want, so we tailor our approach to each client’s unique requirements. Every one of our customers receives a personalised level of service, ensuring confidence and transparency throughout.